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Laptops for Learners update:

Thank you everyone for your response to our call for help to support learners in TBAP schools. We put some case studies on the website to show you just how important digital connectivity is for maintaining learning and engagement with some very vulnerable children. We think their stories really touched you.

Your support has made it so much easier for the staff in the schools, and ensured that learners are not left behind. The TBAP Foundation started by releasing £12,000 to kickstart connectivity, allowing the TBAP Trust to buy 30 ipads. Online fundraising from you has enabled us to buy another 3. 

We also put a call out for secondhand laptops and tablets and lots of you responded by spreading the word to your network. The staff arranged doorstep collections and took them to the Trust’s IT team to be wiped, updated and sent out.

Covid-19 has energised people to work positively in a common cause. Another fundraiser secured an additional 15 laptops. The boroughs of Westminster and RBKC have supplied 30 devices. The DfE have confirmed that they will provide laptops for Year 10s, but these have not yet been received.

We are not quite there yet. We still need more funds and more serviceable laptops and tablets, so please keep spreading the word to bring donations in.

The teaching staff have been wonderful. They have delivered inspirational online lessons, maintained contact with the children to ensure safeguarding, kept up with mentoring and liaised with other agencies to ensure that the learners - and their families - are well supported. Schools have remained open for a few learners who absolutely need to be there.

We do not know how much longer this crisis will continue. We do not know how much longer it will be before all the children are back at school. We do know, though, that Laptops for Learners has provided a lifeline for these young people.

Thank you for your kindness

The Trustees
TBAP Foundation