Funding Priorities

We give regular grants for resources and equipment that enhance learners’ enjoyment and experience beyond the core curriculum. These are the “extras” that the state does not provide but  make all the difference to learners’ engagement in education. We also set and review our wider priorities. Currently, we are raising money to enable learners to have a residential experience. We know that our young people live every day with stresses and fears, and sometimes real dangers. Having a break from their daily lives with adults they know and trust gives them an opportunity to talk about their feelings and concerns, build relationships, learn coping strategies and gain resilience. We strongly believe that such experiences, which are much more than just a holiday, can be life changing.

What we've been funding

Our priority this year is to fund residentials for as many of our learners as possible. Residentials can be life changing. They give children a chance to escape the pressures, stresses and sometimes real dangers of their daily lives. Going away to the countryside in the company of adults who they know and trust gives them a chance to have new learning and fun experiences, take on personal challenges and acquire strategies for resilience and independence.

At our last trustees' meeting, a group of learners from the 6th Form Academic AP Academy did a presentation to request funding for a trip to Spain in support of their eBacc qualification. The Trustees were delighted to agree to their request and look forward to receiving an impact report.

This year we have also funded exercise and gym equipment for learners to use during breaks and after school; library resources; mountain bikes; Maths study software to help students learn and revise at home; and sports medals and trophies to motivate children to participate and keep fit.

We also care about learners when they leave. We have supported one young man who is now in his second year at university by providing him with a laptop and help with travel costs. Another ex-student chose to train in make up and beauty and we provided her with a uniform and some of the essential equipment for the course.


TBAP Foundation will consider bids that aim to:

• Support learners’ reintegration into mainstream schools by providing required uniforms and other essential resources

• Support Alumni progress into higher education and employment

• Enable equality of access to the widest possible extra-curricular programme for all TBAP learners regardless of their financial background

• Improve the school environment by providing equipment and facilities not otherwise available through the Trust’s core funding

• Provide leadership and adventure training so that all learners can have the opportunity to experience a full outward bound programme, or a historical or cultural trip which includes a residential stay

• Host arts exhibitions and support pupils to enter national competitions and visits to arts events