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Funding Priorities

As well as the more general list of aims, the Foundation intends to provide funding for the following:

Arts & Languages Week
A week during the summer term during which every learner at a TBAP Academy is given the chance to participate. Planned workshops and demonstrations include Mandarin, Spanish and French language sessions, circus skills, Japanese drumming, stone carving, street art, and Tai Chi. A ‘TBAP’s Got Talent’ competition runs throughout the week.
Many of the activities involve GCSE course work for the Year 10s & 11s and contribute towards accreditation for their subject. The week contributes to the social and emotional development as well as the communication and creative skills of all learners.

Musical Equipment
Music tuition, participation and enjoyment are essential aspects of the learners’ experience at TBAP Academies. There is currently a shortage of good quality equipment for the learners to use and the Foundation would like to provide a selection of new equipment for each Academy.
£2,500 per Academy £12,500

Speech & Language Therapist
Many of the TBAP Academy learners come from complicated and challenging backgrounds. The support of a Speech and Language Therapist can make an enormous difference to the learner’s social, emotional and academic development. Neither of these essential positions are provided by the Trust’s core funding and the Foundation aims to raise the funds for a three year placement for each position.
£45,000 per annum for three years = £135,000.

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Registered Address: Prism the Gift Fund, 20 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HA
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